Why Hiring a Professional is Needed for Post Construction Cleaning

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Why hiring a professional for Post Construction Cleaning

Why Hiring a Professional is Needed for Post Construction Cleaning

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Post Construction Cleaning for your House or Office by High Quality Cleaning.

After all the Stress You deserve Post Renovation Cleaning.

Remodeling makes a lot of mess. When the contractors are gone the work isn’t over, your entire house or office needs a general cleaning. Get yourself a professional cleaner to do the job because you deserve it. Depending on the work done at your house or office dust will be everywhere. Carpets will be dirty of dust. Walls, pictures, lamps etc. will have dust and dirt or smudgy handprints from the contractors. The dirt will not be limited to the renovation area, it will be in most rooms, stairways, toilets or bathrooms and the kitchen, the rooms most affected will the one where the remodeling took place.

Even when you or your contractors are cautious during renovation or cover the area, your house or office will need to be thoroughly cleaned. This should not be done by you!  Post Construction Cleaning is a job for professional cleaners like HQC – High Quality Cleaning. The cost of your project will not increase too much since a professional cleaning is only around $150 – $500 depending on your house or office size. After weeks or months of remodeling you deserve a present. Let professional cleaners wipe and wash the screens, walls, carpets, scrape up greasy plumbers putty, shine the sinks and faucets, wash off the grout haze, clean toilets or kitchen and pick up leftovers of construction.

A janitorial contractor knows construction clean-ups are tricky.

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In case you would have to clean, you could damage your freshly renovated place. For example, are you aware that tinted glass gets quickly scratched if you are using paper towel to wipe up drywall dirt and dust? Do you know that there is high possibility that normal household vacuum cleaners if you’re using them to clean new carpets or remove the high volume of construction dust? Would you know, which is the best solution to remove sticky construction adhesive from a counter-top or other sensitive surfaces? A professional cleaner knows all this and more, because these days, post-construction cleaning is a trade in itself.

Here is how it goes: Once you hired a professional cleaning for post construction cleanup, they show up with their crew, boxes of clean white cloths, commercial-grade vacuums, buckets, varieties of cleaners, mops and squeegees. They will be swarming all over your place and clean every room. Don’t think about using your new space until the work and cleanup is complete. We understand how exciting it is to have a renovated or new bathroom, kitchen, living room, master suite or whatever you’re planning. But if you start move or bring furniture before cleaning is completed, you’ll prevent or slow down your finish line.

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Here is a small list of what should be considered done before you can say: “I am done!”

  • Cleaning the walls and molding. Newly painted walls need only a dry dusting clean up. However, if you kept the old paint, use a damp towel to wipe them down. In case of hard-to-reach areas, you can wrap a damp towel around a broom or an extension duster. For wallpaper covered walls or walls covered in natural materials such as grass-cloth, you use a vacuum with a brush attachment. Other wallpaper based cover you can wipe them down with a damp cloth, but make sure to do a spot check first.
  • Vacuum cleaning. For carpeted floors, run the vacuum cleaner a few times. If it’s on a wood, tile, or linoleum make sure that you do a quick mopping after you vacuum.
  • Upholstery cleaning. The upholstery attachment on your vacuum is used to clean any upholstered furniture including mattresses. You can also include any fabric window treatments or accessories.
  • Cleaning light fixtures. Lighting fixtures need to be taken down in order to clean them properly, unless you have new ones installed. For those with ceiling fans, make sure to clean the blades.
  • Cleaning the vents. Make sure to unscrew and clean the vents with warm, soapy water.
  • Cleaning miscellaneous items. Use a damp cloth or rag to wipe down dirt on wood or metal furniture.
  • Changing air filters. Most painting contractors often remove the air filters while painting and then forgets to put them back. Missing filters can cause damage to your furnace. However, if your filter was still on during the construction, it is best to replace it with a new one.
  • Problems with stinky drain. Baking soda is a great cleaning material. Just pour it down the kitchen drain and then pour a regular table salt into the drain followed by vinegar. Let the mixture work for a few hours then pour 3-4 quarts of hot water and then cold water to cool the drainage down.Clean-and-Renovated
  • Problems with a stinky refrigerator. You can take a small box of fresh cat litter and stash the box in the refrigerator. This is a perfect deodorizer. Charcoal does the same job as well.
  • Crusty shower head and Mineral deposits on a chrome faucet? Fill a small plastic sandwich bag with vinegar, submerge the shower head in the bag and hold the bag with a rubber band around the shower arm. Remove it after 2-3 hours and use a sponge to wipe away the now-softened stain. Soak a cloth in straight vinegar. Lay the wet rag over the entire surface of the faucet for 1 hour after wipe gently with a clean sponge.
  • Extra tip for old and new aluminium window frames that don’t match. Clean the old frames using a steel wool along the “grain” direction. Then afterwards, you can preserve the surface by rubbing a small amount of machine oil (3-in-1 oil) with a soft, clean piece of cloth or rug.

And there you go, enjoy a clean and improved space!

High Quality Cleaning offers reliable cleaning services for homes and commercial buildings on a weekly, quarterly, and one-off basis at reasonable prices. Our cleaning services are done by highly trained certified cleaners in Sydney who commit to meet your expectations and satisfaction.

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