Hiring the Right Cleaning Company

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Hiring the Right Cleaning Company


Did you shop for a cleaning company or like to know what is or could be important to make the right decision? Let’s face it, cleaning is more than the visible point. Trust is crucial especially if you are letting 3rd parties in your property. Nobody wants to be constantly checking to see if the cleaning crew is doing what they are paid to do or whether they are using safe cleaning materials. Last but not least, it is important to know who agents have to liaise with.

High Quality Cleaning (HQC) is aiming for lasting and meaningful partnerships, to do so we want to make sure that clients and prospective clients are well informed about the cleaning service they should be receiving; therefore, we have created a small guidance to help you find cleaning companies like HQC – High Quality Cleaning.

  1. Has your desired or current cleaning company offered you a cleaning plan?

Selecting a cleaning company is just the initial step. The way they plan to service you is the next step. Your cleaning company should take a moment along with you and develop a strategy that suits your specific needs.

  1. Have a contract in place.

Creating an agreement is not a big deal and in the long run it ensures that the requirements plus a cleaning plan that fits your needs has been made.

  1. Cleaning crew has to be well-trained.

There is no doubt about the fact that well-trained staffs are providing the best possible care, cleanliness and safety to your facilities within your premises.

  1. Communication is important in every stage of the relation.

Hold communication high on your agenda at any time, vital communications to both you and the cleaning company ensures that all your needs are met.

  1. Is the cleaning company using professional cleaning equipment?

Whenever someone is hiring a cleaning company the intention is to be serviced by a specialist. A specialist relies on professional cleaning equipment because it plays a major role in his job. Besides that, he knows he can’t achieve high standards with limited equipment.

  1. Are the cleaning supplies (liquids, cloths mops etc.) being used safe; and is the staff trained how and where to use them?

Knowledge is the key when using professional cleaning supplies like liquids, cloths and mops. Some liquids can be harmful to your floor or carpet. Cleaning toilets is often done with acids and chlorine, bringing those together would be dangerous “Chlorine-GAS”. Surfaces in our days can be very sensitive especially around office desks meaning the electronic equipment.

– Surfaces in office environments are sensitive and using the wrong cloth or cleaning materials can cause scratches.

– Liquids can cause material damage or produce harmful substances, the use of acid liquids to remove stain can cause massive material damage to metals, and trained staffs are very much aware of this.

Nothing is more important than using the right product on surfaces or environments that they are made for to ensure that they are most effective and not hazardous.  

But wait there is more:

All of us thought it would be helpful to provide you with heads up on three of the greatest confessions many cleansing agents can easily notify:secrets and confessions1

Admission #1 – Working the entire shift?

You got to be kidding – If we arrive at first in the morning or come late in the evening, no one knows when we arrive & depart. Empty the trash or bins, wipe a little the floor for the smell, pick up the papers and a quick wipe in the toilets and rush out the door – It’s amazing with how little we can get away with!

Advice – Assure your current cleanup company comes with an electric visit & out and about plan which generates reports.  These are essential to assist you to observe how long is being worked or even better what has been done.

Admission #2 – Evidence of ID

I need the benefits … normally nobody gets caught!  And it’s only minimum wage….

Advice – Claim a written statement from your cleaning company that they receive exacting proof of whom they deal or work with (ID/passport, address plus utility bill or bank statement and keep a copy with your documents).  In addition ask about their vetting process and if they pay premium, average or minimum wage – with cleaning, paying the minimum or saving at the wrong end could be seen as false economy.

Admission #3 – Colour coding & Cross-contamination??

I haven’t got time for that and no one ever knows if you use the same cloth on the toilette or a desk within one bucket!

Advice – Find out if the cleaning company is working with colour scheme or numbers on buckets. Ask the manager if they know colour and number rules and check if they apply it to cloths, mops, buckets or cleaning tools they use.


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